Guide: Technical Problems

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Guide: Technical Problems

Сообщение автор Chemoday в Сб Янв 02, 2016 1:34 pm

As I see much on this side of the forum are new users coming here with problems. Older forum users respond but they are the same generic thing every time. I am creating this guide hoping some new users coming here will read this.

Refunds:If you are coming here for a refund there is a couple of things you need to know. There are a couple of different types of refunds.

Refunds from tournaments:
If you are disconnected from the game you must have proof it was a tourney. The only really good way to prove you were in a tourney and lost is video proof. Recrod yourself in the tourney and disconnecting. Otherwise, making a decision on refunding you would be more difficult for refund section helpers.

Some good recording softwares are:

Refunds from being hacked:
If someone steals your account there are some things you need to know before you try and get refunded.
Administration CAN NOT help you get your email back.
You must contact your email provider and follow the steps needed to get your email back. After that you can come here.
When asking for a refund a good thing to do is give a screenshot of:

And a picture of the account after it was hacked.

Global Rating Problems

Not Recieving any global rating?
In order to recieve atleast some GR is to play/login to the game everyday. If you do not then your GR will go down.

Not: If you are banned you cannot get your global back. In some cases you can but I will cover that later.


If you encounter a glitch come here and fill out a full report. Giving pictures, videos, and anything else that can help.

DO NOT....

Come here and complain about anything along the lines of double barret or boundbox_hack. Administration is aware of these problems and are working on them the best they can.

Getting unbanned

You are never banned without legit proof that makes it obvious you are doing something wrong. Mistakes are almost never made. Do not come to the forum and claim you were banned unfairly. 99% of the time SirZellek has locked threads showing proof of that person cheating.

Do not come here and complain about lag. The only time lag will be the game's fault is if there is about to be an update. Other times it is only your internet connection or anything thing else that could impair your connection the the servers.

Facebook Credits
TDP4 Administratoers cannot refund Facebook credits. Only coins. Try contacting Facebook for this.


I'm only showing/telling the best way to do something in tech. problems. Not neccesarily the only way.

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