Clan Thread Template [Must Use]

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Clan Thread Template [Must Use]

Сообщение автор SirZellek в Чт Дек 31, 2015 4:05 pm

Use the Template below:

Subject: [MOD] Administrators and Moderators

Clan Crest: (A picture that will represent your clan)

Clan Logo(100x100 pixels):

Clan Motto/Slogan:
We are always watching!

Clan ID: (**)

About Clan/Clan description (history)(A few sentences about your clan)
This clan consists of moderators and administrators, who make sure that all the players follow the rules of the game. This section must include where your clan is created in, Facebook Edition or Darkness Project.

Clan Rules: (Rules which clan members should follow)
1) Act towards other players fairly and with respect.
2) Make sure that everybody follows the rules of the game.
3) Do not use powers given to us for personal reasons.

Requirements for joining the clan: (Here you write what minimal requirements a player must have to join your clan)
At this moment it is impossible to become a moderator. Don't ask to become one either.

Clan members: (There should be minimum 6 people in the clan, 1 leader and 5 members)

Chemoday (id **)

Officers (Admins)(There can be maximum of 4 officers, but there can be none as well)
Kurcha (id **)
Ekl1pS (id **)
SirZellek (id **)

Members (Mods):
LiP (id **)
NiKoLaS (id **)
SeVeN (id **)
TaXa (id **)
GangsterHobo_ (id **)
mental486 (id **)
CaptinSphankz (id **)
Lonely (id **)
May (id **)

P.S. Write your ID instead of **.


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