The Record Book Challenge!

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The Record Book Challenge!

Сообщение автор May в Чт Дек 31, 2015 2:27 pm

Starting 7.27.15, Monday of this month and will end 7.31.15 , we will be starting a never ending weekly competition!
If you can beat or obtain 5 records that havent been done yet by the end of each week you will be rewarded 50 cash!

Here are our records: 

If you achieve to beat or complete 5 records (You may do more per week) please PM Squap or Ravolt with the proof of the five records being broken/completed and if everything adds up they'll ask you for your ID!

5 records = 50 Cash
10 Records = 100 Cash
15 Records = 150 Cash
20 Records = 200 Cash
And it goes on!

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