Questions For Moderators!

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Questions For Moderators!

Сообщение автор Golden в Сб Янв 02, 2016 8:58 pm

Yes I know their already is one but that is mainly for SirZellek.
So this one is for the rest of the mods.(LiP, Omidee, May, GangsterHobo, Joe, Lonely, CaptainSphankz, Mental)

So I will start,
Omi what is your favorite drink?

Edit: 6th November 2014, thread edited to facilitate questions for both administrators and global moderators as SirZellek has left the game's project.

Edit: 18th August 2015, thread edited on account of Dominatorz/JohnDoe/Jarvis's lack of understanding to make it clear that this thread is solely for asking questions towards GLOBAL Moderators and Full Administrators of the ENGLISH forum. Only GLOBAL moderators and Full Administrators will be allowed to answer - user replies will be tolerated in moderation - Dominatorz/JohnDoe/Jarvis's won't.


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