Guide: Game Feedback And Suggestions (How To Suggest)

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Guide: Game Feedback And Suggestions (How To Suggest)

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What is Game feedback and suggestions?
Game Feedback & Suggestions is where you post an idea about the game to be taken into consideration by the administration, or to give general feedback about the game.

Suggested Titles.

Please read the topic here for how to format your title:

*Q: Why do we need it to be formatting like this? A: So that Adrian can filter through ideas easily. 

Try to listen to these oh so wise words by SirZellek:
SirZellek писал(а):
Dear users if you want your suggestion to be noticed by the administration, please make it look the best way possible.
Thread subject should talk about the main idea of your suggestion. 
Bad example: "Look at this", "Good idea", "Add this please" or "The best map".
Good example: "Map (and the name of the map)", "New weapon: (name of the weapon)", "Money exchange", "New skill point".
If you are a map creator and you don't want your map to be lost among others without name, then always name your map.
It is always good to add a poll to your thread. Threads without polls look like feedback and discussion between players. A succesful poll will attract attention.
Thank you for your attention!

»A weapon suggestion should look something like this:

When suggesting a weapon, keep in mind that it may not have the same stats of any weapon that is already in the game, Prices are chosen by the Administrators as they choose what is the most suitable for the game, but that doesn't mean you can't suggest the price for your weapon.

In game. Example:

»How not to make a suggestion:

  • I suggest a weapon called vector with 400-500 damage to the low level that is cheap.

You don't have to be good at using Photoshop, but you can find a picture of the gun, and suggest in an organized manner.


Gun: D-Watl Sound [X-M]
Type: Special
Cost: Price chosen by admins.

  • Accuracy: 16
  • Strength: 10
  • Explosions: 0

Damage: 250-8000 
Ammo: 30
Reload: 4s
Shot Interval: Semi-automatic, 2-5 round charges

Map Name: Blood Stone of Castle
Map Coloring/Texturing: stone, stone bricks, color dark, dark gray, light gray.
On the walls of a drop of blood, chains, prison bars, skeletons.
Here is the map:

»How not to make a suggestion:

  • I suggest a map, that is destroyed and is raining, it is not long. It also has cars and destroyed buildings and it's name is Destruction.

»If you suggest an item it has to be like this:


You can also show how it will look in game:

And explain the features of your item(s).

»How to not make a suggestion:

  • I suggest a new item, this item allows you to see the names in the them, and they can't see you. (Invisibility)

»If suggesting a skin it should be like this:

*Skins may be modified by the administration if their artist makes the decision to.
Category: Human.
Sex: Male.
Weapon: Glock.

»How to not make a suggestion:

  • I suggest a new skin, it's a police swat officer.

»If suggesting a medal it should be like this:

How to make a poll:
After completing your suggestion it's necessary to add a poll and administrators see if players liked the suggestion.

Step 1:
Scroll to the bottom and this will appear:

Step 2:
Here you add the questions you want to appear in the poll.

Step 3:
Here you add your question, to add another answer you must press enter and write the next question below as shown in the image.

Step 4:
This is the number of options each user may select when voting.
By default 1 option appears, leave it at that.

Step 5:
Here we add in how many days you want to end your Poll. Once you arrive at the Days added since no user can vote.
If you do not add days, your Poll never end.

Step 6:
This allows players to change their answer.

To activate it you must check the checkbox

This is how you submit your suggestion with your poll.

If you have any feedback, please PM me. 

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