Guide: Suggesting & Formatting Guns

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Guide: Suggesting & Formatting Guns

Сообщение автор Adrian в Сб Янв 02, 2016 7:11 pm

Since Adrian & May have standards for weapon suggestions, I created this guide to help people to create suggestions fitting the standards. In your suggestion, you should include the images stats (in text) and the image in-shop. Also, you should try to have an image of the gun in-game. If you cannot do any of these things, PM me with all the guns specs and information and i'll gladly do it. All fonts are Cambria
Text Color & Size: #FFFFCC, 8 pt
Price Color: #CBFE98




Assault Rifles: 

Sniper Rifles: 


Energy Guns: 

Rocket Launchers: 

Elemental Weapons: 

Medieval Weapons: 


Additional colors

Video on how to take advantage of the weapon suggestion templates:

-BlackyStylez- писал(а):
Good Job! Jhon Doe.  
This may facilitate the creation of weapons, with more quality.

I want to make a small contribution, users who want to make "Premium" weapons Here I leave the tag.

  • TAG:

They can use this tag for premium weapons, and can get a good result.

If you want another tag of another color, here you'll leave a little more Tag list with different colors.

  • TAG Green:

  • TAG Pruple:

  • TAG Blue:

  • TAG Gold:

  • TAG Black:

  • TAG Pink Fucsia:

  • TAG White:


If you want another color, you can tell me by "PM" or Jhon Doe and tell me which color is not in the list you want.

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