Game Suggestions "Tag" System.

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Game Suggestions "Tag" System.

Сообщение автор Adrian в Сб Янв 02, 2016 7:07 pm

So to better organize ideas for you guys, myself and also the admins if they choose to look here I'm introducing a new system. The basis and idea of this came from -R-'s lovely topic which can be found here and since I wish to update and upkeep that thread myself in his absence this tag system will help keep the forums looking nice while also making that job easier on me.

The tags will be as follows:
[Gun] This will be for all the guns you wish to suggest. Example
[Map] This is for all the maps that you wish to suggest. Example
[Clan] This is for all the clan related things you wish to suggest. Example
[Profile/Medal] This is for any cosmetic profile suggestions or other profile suggestions or medal suggestions since they fit into the same category.Example
[Item] This is for any items that you wish to suggest. Example
[Skin(s)] This is for any skin or skins you wish to suggest. Example
[Game Mode] This is for any game mode you wish to suggest. Example
[Misc] (Miscellaneous) Lastly this is for anything that doesn't fit into any of the above tags that you wish to suggest. Example

An example of this would be: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=213823&p=1976905#p1976905
Where I added the [Misc] tag to Hobo's post. 
Another example which I'll write here is [Gun] PG Mark III. 

Since this is a lot of work to update I ask that users with current suggestions change their post to this tag format if possible, otherwise I'll be doing it my self over the coming week. But I'd really love you if you could update your own posts to lessen my work load.

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