Language/Spammers Definitions & Reporting

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Language/Spammers Definitions & Reporting

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What Defines Vulgarity?  

  • Making explicit and offensive references to someone by being coarse and rude.

How Should I Report Players For Being Vulgar?

  • When reporting a player for vulgarity, please make sure that the vulgar remark is clearly seen for the eligible player to be muted.
  • Players cannot be muted for saying noob, nob, you suck or by saying *** (Censored Words) in the game. Also keep in mind that when a player says "Shit" or "Damn" they will not be muted if by context they meant that something went wrong.
  • Also, please keep in mind that players will NOT be muted if the word is not clear meaning that certain acronyms such as "fk" will no longer cause a player to be muted, depending on the context however some exceptions may be made.
  • Please keep in mind that players WILL NOT be muted for saying "gay" "you are gay" it is the same thing as saying "you are straight" being gay is not an insult and no longer will be tolerated as a report as it is offensive to consider gay different than straight.


*** As seen in this screenshot provided be a fellow reporter, the vulgarity is clearly seen and the player was successfully muted.



What Defines Spam? 

  • Typing an excess amount of smilies,words or links repeatedly.

How Should I Report Players For Spam?

  • When reporting a player for spam, please make sure that the player being reported has at least four lines of the same/different text.
  • Please consider the fact that players who type in the chat like image below will not be muted.


*** Also for a spammer to be muted please make sure the designated report has at least three to four viewable lines of spam. Understand that some reports that include at least three to four lines of a player typing does not guarantee that the player will be muted.

This Is Spam! 
Players however, will be muted for an excessive amount of spam, like the image below.

*** As seen in this screenshot provided by a fellow reporter, the spam is clearly seen. The spammer filled the entire chat and nothing else can be seen besides all that spam.

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