How to fix loading issue for Facebook TDP4!

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How to fix loading issue for Facebook TDP4!

Сообщение автор Chemoday в Сб Янв 02, 2016 1:35 pm

This is not a video It Is a walkthrough for firefox.

Step 1:
Click tools on your browser.

Step 2:
In It It will say Firefox Will: Use Custom Settings for history.

Step 3: 
Click Show All Cookies

Step 4: 
Once you're in, type In Darkness

Step 5:
Look for a darkness cookie that says api.fb-darkness (Something Like That)

Step 6:
Clear the cookies for the api.fb cookies

Step 7: 
Login or refresh TDP4

Step 8: 
If It works Have a nice playtime Smile 

Be sure to give me some feedback for what happened I will try and see If I can do Chrome. I hope this helped you. 

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