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Report A Host!

Сообщение автор May в Сб Янв 02, 2016 1:19 pm

Report Them Hosts!

There are some new changes coming to the MPT section. MPTs now may be hosted for both DP/FB regardless of the MPT. There will also be some new hosts hosting these MPTs now. If there are any issues,complaints or any concerns that regard a host being unfair, impolite, or abusive, report them here and action will be taken. When making a report regarding a specific host please include their name along with what they have done.

Also!! If you see any of these accounts (will be provided below) type in the lobby, take a screenshot and report it here and the host will be punished. HOSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TYPE IN THE LOBBY WITH THEIR IN-GAME MOD ACCOUNTS, ONLY DURING TOURNAMENTS!



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